General Information

I am a doctoral candidate and research assistant (and the occasional teaching assistant) at the Computational Mechanics Laboratory at the University of Michigan, currently working toward my PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Scientific Computing. During this protracted journey, I've received two master's degrees: an MSE in Mechanical Engineering in December 2003 and an MS in Mathematics in December 2006. Prior to this, I received my BE from the University of Madras, India in July 2002.

I work with professors Krishna Garikipati, Ellen Arruda and Karl Grosh. Currently, we are looking at interesting questions relating to continuum formulations to describe and simulate development of biological tissue.

These pages contain links to our work in greater detail, lists of publications, talks I've given, posters I've presented and details regarding my coursework and general academic progress. There is also the obligatory plug to my vita, for when I plan to leave graduate school.

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The Obligatory Mug Shot

A suitably GIMPed mugshot.

The Action Shot!

A shot of me with kids.

Me paying a visit to an SOS Children's Village where I support two kids.