Proposition   [ beta! ]

I'm not uni-faceted.


As is apparent from other sections of this site, I'm working on a PhD. This, by definition, affords me other interesting opportunities.

I shoot photos[1], sing[2], write[3], design and draw[4], travel[5], serve[6], bake[7], ... .

Clearly, contrary to popular conjecture, I possess more than one facet.


[1] For a while now, I've been dabbling semi-seriously in photography. My weapons of choice include a Canon EOS 20D and a few lenses, along with my trusty compact, the Olympus Camedia C-5050 Zoom. I have a few galleries up at different places, and run a photolog, which resulted in me being interviewed for a story in the Wall Street Journal. I also had a photograph of mine be shortlisted in BBC's photographer of the year contest in 2006. I thought that was pretty cool. The following are a few samples. Click the thumbnails to view larger images.

Blue TranquilityHoney Factory DroneMississippian SunsetDeathLampost InverseFastlaneBug's Eye ViewBostonian HarbourOverworked SlaveLeaky FaucetInstant StalactitesSunny ScotlandTrue FansOptical FibreRippled QuadrantsScientists' ToolsLight StreamNaturally DesaturatedIcebox ArtAnchor's End         

[2] I am a trained (for about a dozen years, under a few talented teachers, including P.S. Narayanaswami) Carnatic (south-Indian classical) vocalist. My claims to fame include winning pretty much every music competition I've taken part in (my mom still holds on to the cups and trophies (hi mom!)), performing on stage multiple times, and on national radio. I also play, among other things, a couple of percussion instruments.

Recently however, I haven't had the opportunity or made the time to perform, so most of my relationship with music has been that of an informed critic.

[3] Here is a random sampling of semi-serious blurbs, on various topics of interest.

[4] From hackneyed renditions of the birth of stars,


to artwork supporting bands I won't even admit listening to,

Linkin Park Bling

to introducing characters to comics that don't see the light of day,

A character

to proving beyond a reasonable doubt that "drawing" with a mouse (and without talent) is clearly a lost cause,

Paradoxical World

... to so much more.

[5] Will be populated soon.

[6] Will be populated soon.